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Please – don’t ruin your ground!
The weather from the start of this year has been very unhelpful, to say the least to that most long-suffering species, the cricket groundsman. This is not ju...
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Iprodione loss – The best thing that could ever happen – According to John Handley, Technical Manager
Just in case you’ve been living on Mars for the last year, iprodione, the Active Ingredient (AI) in Cavron Green, Chipco Green, Emerald Turf, Green Turf King...
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Consequences of workplace accident
A Derbyshire man has been forced to leave full-time work and has undergone multiple operations after a horrific workplace accident. The 47-year-old groundsma...
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Planting Party at Edgbaston Priory Tennis Club
Pitchcare were delighted to be part of a ‘Planting Party’ today at Edgbaston Priory Tennis Centre. The Club work closely with the Heart of Birmingham Vocatio...
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Misinformation is as big risk as knotweed itself says plant expert
Senior figures from the Japanese knotweed remediation industry have called for greater transparency as the UK enters "epidemic" risk levels.
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100% safe rubber crumb?
A UK company claims that it has produced the first 100% safe rubber crumb infill for artificial surfaces and, if their website is to be believed, this trul...
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